John C. Pitcher

For over forty-five years John Charles Pitcher has expressed his passion for birds and the natural world through his sketches and paintings. His success in capturing the sense of a place and likeness of his subjects reveals not only his mastery of technique but also his passion and knowledge as a naturalist.

An artist since childhood, he further developed his observational and artistic skills in Alaska where he studied and painted birds for twelve years – teaching bird classes and guiding birding tours for the Audubon Society. As a guest naturalist on board the famous M.S. Lindblad Explorer John shared his passion for nature and art while voyaging Alaska’s coastal waterways from the southeast to the Aleutian and Bering Sea islands. Later he moved into the shadows of Mt. Adams and Mt. St. Helens, WA to continue his painting and to teach Nature Journaling to young Oregon and Washington school students who visited his studio at the Cispus Learning Center near Randle, WA.

Having moved to the beautiful historic town of Dorset, Vermont in 1995, John and his artist wife Sue Westin now maintain their studios and the WESTIN-PITCHER Fine Art STUDIOS along the shores of the Dorset Marsh where John keeps an ongoing nature journal – sketching and painting the resident, wetland wildlife throughout the seasons.

As a WREAF (Wilderness River Expedition Art Foundation) artist crewmember, Pitcher has canoed and painted the wilderness waters of Canada along the Missinaibi River in Ontario, the George River in Nunavik and studied and sketched the migrating caribou herds of the Lake Kamestastin region in northern Labrador.

As a Distinguished Signature Member of the Society of Animal Artists, Pitcher exhibits in museums and galleries throughout the country.