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Gary Milek

For Vermont Artist Gary Milek, painting has always been part of his life. Born in 1941 into a farming family in Glastonbury, Connecticut, Gary has retained his farming roots and now lives in Windsor, Vermont, where he and his wife, Sarah, a nationally known gardener and herbalist, run Cider Hill Gardens & Gallery.

At a young age Gary studied art at the Wadsworth Athenaeum Museum in Hartford, Connecticut, and then on to art studies at Syracuse University. He also attended the Boston Museum School of Art, and studied in Holland at the Rijksmuseum’s Rijks Academy where he learned the techniques of egg tempera, and gilding.

Milek returned from Holland to New York City during the 1960’s and was at that time influenced by the trends of abstract expressionism. Eventually though he returned to themes found in nature. Gary moved from New York City to Hanover, New Hampshire, to teach drawing and painting at Dartmouth College. After seventeen years nurturing young artists he is now retired and paints full time.


  • The National Academy of Design –New York City
  • Wunderlich & Company –New York City
  • The Copley Society –Boston, MA
  • The Saks Galleries –Denver, CO
  • Dartmouth College –Hanover, NH
  • Saint-Gaudens –Cornish, NH

“Milek paints with a quiet and compelling lyricism. The work hangs harmoniously because of the talent, the depth of feeling, and the sincerity of the artist.” —George Tooker, Painter

“Gary Milek’s Vermont is both real and imagined, a wonderous place where the landforms intersect the divine.” — Robert McGrath, Dartmouth College

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