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Because art may be for your lifetime and beyond. It may be
part of the legacy you leave to your children and theirs. So
have faith, strive to collect the best, and remember;
long after famines and plagues, crusades and revolutions,
depressions and world wars, art survives—
always has, always will.

Described as one of the most inspiring galleries in the Northeast, The Garden Gallery has a long history of nurturing talented artists of regional, national, and international stature. 

The Gallery represents renowned artists with remarkable careers and honors. A huge body of their works is on display throughout the rooms of the Garden Café and upstairs in the spacious, airy gallery rooms. Oil paintings, watercolors, etchings, drawings, and sculpture abound.

The relaxed and peaceful atmosphere of this space promotes an encompassing enjoyment of the art world.  Special shows are featured throughout the year and are posted on the gallery’s calendar. Whether finding it for the first time or returning for an enjoyable tour, every visit offers new works to enjoy.